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Fiera di Primiero: Country

Fiera di Primiero is an ancient village raised where the Cismon Valley meets the Canali Valley and then continues to the village of Mezzano and Imer.

The name "Fiera" derives from the ancient tradition of the market which was originally held in the center of this village, heart of the Primiero valley. In the XVI and XVII centuries silver, copper and iron mines did influence life and habits of local inhabitants. The average income per year was of over 80.000 FIORINI, this meant for many people a big economical opportunity which favored big waves of immigration of miners and blacksmiths. It was the time of economic intrapreneurship!

In the picture a Romanic church dedicated to San Martino and Casa Giusti with frescos dating back the year '500. Miners dedicated part of the income to the construction of some representative buildings.

The Assunta Church consecrated in the year 1493 is an example. Worth of note also the Mines Palace built at the end of the XV century and today site of the ethnographic museum. The small church of San Martino instead goes back to the X century and was later enriched and renewed.

Fiera di Primiero is home of engineer Luigi Negrelli, the chief figure of the international team of experts who realized the Suez Canal and designed bridges, railways and roads in the Alps.

Next to Fiera di Primiero we find the village of TRANSACQUA, a rural village characterized by cowsheds and TABIA' (typical hut where hay is kept). The translation of its name is "place beyond waters" and it is in fact the widest center of the valley. Thanks to its position the village has a beautiful view on the mountains. In Transacqua as well the mining activity has had a big importance in the economy of the resort until year 1860.

Today the village has a good hotel accommodation offer and it is the ideal place for those who are searching for a quiet vacation far from the chaos of towns.

TONADICO is the most ancient village of the whole Valley. It is located at the foot of the ruins of Castel Pietra and it is characterized by a typical mountain architecture and decorated with lots of freskos with religious theme. Holidays in this village are adapt for people who like relaxing, who like mountain excursions but also who like participating to the various cultural and traditional activities organized with the precious help of local volunteers.


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